Welcome to the website of HealthReach Community Health Centers. We provide acute, chronic and preventive medical services to 28,000 Maine residents and visitors each year. We are part of the United States Public Health system where 1,400 grantees provides primary care to 28 million Americans in over 11,000 Community Health Centers (CHCs) sites spread across 50 states.

Directed by boards with majority consumer membership, CHCs focus on meeting the basic health care needs of individual communities. We provide treatment regardless of income or insurance coverage. Since the early 1960s, CHCs have worked closely with local people to identify unmet health care needs and to help meet those challenges. The original intent of the health center movement was and continues to be to provide access to quality health services. Our centers serve as a gateway to health services by providing geographic access to patients (many of the HealthReach practices are located in rural areas where primary care services are not readily available) and financial access to health services for patients through our Affordable Care Program.

We opened our first center in Bingham, Maine in 1975. Since then we have expanded health care access across many Central and Western Maine communities through 11 health centers, two dental centers and the integration of behavioral health services across our sites. With the integration of primary care, dental and behavioral health services, our health care team will be able to more fully address the needs of our patients. In addition, HealthReach clinicians are helping to address the opioid epidemic by providing medication assisted treatment at nine of our locations. At HealthReach, we are proud of our medical, dental, and behavioral health providers and the quality of care they deliver. Our experienced family practitioners focus on preventive care and developing partnerships with patients that enhance their overall health status. We serve patients from birth through retirement and beyond.

I encourage you to explore our website and visit frequently. Take a look at our patient stories, press releases and Community Report. Learn about us and the services we make available in your community. Let us become one of your resources for wellness, health care, and linkage to other community and state services.

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John Opperman, Board ChairI join our CEO Connie Coggins in welcoming you to our website. I am currently Chair of the Board of Directors of HealthReach Community Health Centers. I grew up in a small rural town and know how critical a local healthcare provider is to the health and the life of a community – a role HealthReach Community Health Centers serves at all eleven Health Centers from Rangeley to Richmond. Community health centers such as HealthReach are an important safety net in the rural and underserved parts of our state.

This Board is a group of dedicated volunteers selected for their varied skills and their representation and knowledge of the rural communities HealthReach serves. It is our role as the Board of Directors of HealthReach to oversee and to make it possible for our skilled and dedicated clinical, support, and administrative staff to carry out our mission: To provide high-quality, affordable, patient-centered healthcare in the medically underserved communities of Central and Western Maine.

All eleven of our health centers are recognized as Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) which provide comprehensive care by a team of providers, which may include primary care providers, nurses, social workers, care managers, and others in a partnership with patients to provide high-quality care, assist in patients managing their own care, and coordinating care across the healthcare system consistent with each patient’s needs and preferences. All eleven sites have also achieved Heart/Stroke Recognition and Diabetes Recognition by the National Committee on Quality Assurance. HealthReach and the Board of Directors are very proud of our employees for the diligence and hard work put into achieving and maintaining these recognized quality standards.

Affordable healthcare is central to our mission, and recognizing that patients come from a wide range of economic circumstances affecting their ability to pay for healthcare services, we offer a sliding fee scale. We also offer HealthReach Connectors, staff members who work with patients to explore healthcare benefits programs for which they may be eligible, and how they can be accessed.

It is my privilege as Chair of the Board of Directors to invite you to explore our website and get to know us, and what we at HealthReach can offer you, and perhaps, to find a patient-centered healthcare home for yourself and your family at one of our eleven health centers.

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